Alexius is awesome and quite inspiring. Underneath her calm demeanor there is a very strict coach who will never take no for an answer when it comes to the health of her students. I personally am extremely satisfied.

Sreejani Chatterjee

We’ve tried many times to get into a gym schedule but with no real success. The positive, encouraging atmosphere at Fit10N really is a great motivator.

John and Jordan Wall


I love the Fit10 program and having a personal trainer instruct my workouts!! I joined the gym as a result of a discount deal on Facebook but it is 30 minutes away, so I only planned to participate for the 90 day special. It’s been 12 months and am hooked on this terrific trainers client-focused approach which delivers results – I’m down 23 pounds!!! I can’t wait to see where my fitness will be with Alexius next year!!

Colleen Howley Wilson

The Fit10N exercises get switched around and I am always excited to see what new thing we will be doing.  Before I had to drag myself to my old gym to do my same boring routine.  

Carlos Smith

Fit10N is exactly what I need for my busy schedule. I can get a high intensity workout in during lunch and not miss a beat in my day. I’m stronger and my clothes fit better! If you are looking for a convenient challenging work out- this is perfect! Alexius and Scott are the best.

Janell Pennington Hall

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