Boot Camp for Every Body

Science Based Workouts to produce maximum results in minimum time
40 minutes including a 3-4 minute warm-up to prepare the body for exercise.

Fit10N Strong— 10 minute strength training circuit
Fit10N Burn— 10 minutes of heart rate based cardio intervals
Fit10N Moves—10 minutes of functional movements
Fit10N Finale 3-4 minutes of core, stretching and motivation

Receive a summary email of your workout including calorie burn and intensity points.

Developed by a team of trainers with Masters degrees and over 50 years experience

  • Time efficient to fit your busy schedule 
  • Variety of workouts to keep it fresh and exciting!
  • Heart rate monitoring  to keep you in the best zone for high caloric burn and after burn
  • Mobile app to track your progress inside and outside of Fit10N

The Science

Fit10N Workouts are based on the latest exercise research to produce the most effective and time-efficient workouts.  By monitoring your heart rate, we  can make sure you are in the correct zone.  Fit10N maximizes the after-burn effect of exercise by increasing your metabolism for up to 36 hours after your workout!